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- Edward W.

"I have been fortunate to have been a patient of Dr. Boshoff’s for many decades.  During the late 1970’s, I became one of Dr. Boshoff’s original patients.  Being both an athlete and a blue-collar worker, I incurred various injuries and health issues through the years.  As an athlete, Dr. Boshoff also worked with me to increase my physical performance.  During the 1980’s, I left Ventura County and headed to San Diego County.  Throughout the 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s, and today; I still make the drive from San Diego County to visit Dr. Boshoff and have him treat my various health issues, injuries, and maintain my physical performance.  He is well worth the drive.  Now, I bring my wife and children with me to visit Dr. Boshoff.  

As I told my wife, ‘we are not going to find a better Doctor of Chiropractic than Dr. Boshoff’ and my wife agrees.  

Dr. Boshoff has a unique, veteran ability to ferret out and correct various health issues.  He also has a unique ability to improve athletic physical performance and does all this in a friendly, caring, and professional manner.  He is willing to invest the time to both listen and work with the patient to find a solution to the health problem or problems.  Dr. Boshoff can help you, whether you have a health problem to correct or you desire your athletic performance increased.  If you have seen other doctors who offer little hope, be encouraged, I have been there myself (before meeting Dr. Boshoff).  Whatever the case may be, if you are reading this testimonial you have made the first step.  Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with Dr. Boshoff and find out for yourself what I discovered decades ago.

Dr. Boshoff is the “real deal” when it comes to treating patients and getting the desired results.  After a few visits I’m sure you will come to feel the same as I do about Dr. Boshoff.  God bless."

-Larry S. and Family

 "It is my pleasure to write this testimonial for Dr. Steve Boshoff as he has played a major role in helping my family and me enjoy a high quality of health. Dr. Boshoff in a variety of ways has helped most of my family members. In the interest of time, I will mention only a few. My mother had a severe problem with shingles and the medical doctors just filled her full of drugs that drained her energy and did nothing to cure the problem. My wife was having a number of female related problems and Dr. Boshoff, through diet, exercise and nutrition, has made a profound improvement in her mental, emotional and physical health. My profession is one that requires a lot of energy and imposes high levels of stress. A few years ago my health had deteriorated to the point that I wondered if I would be able to continue. To say that I was concerned was an understatement. Thanks to Dr. Boshoff my health is restored and I am able to outpace those who are half my age. I think my case is so interesting because of the view that I held about chiropractors and a natural approach toward health. I was convinced that the whole thing was quackery. However, the proof has been in my personal results and the quality of life I now enjoy. Dr. Boshoff is an exceptional health care professional, and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to enjoy a better quality of life."  

- Franky M ~Age 3 Year, 11 Months

 "I have to admit I was skeptical in bringing my son to Carisa. I mean, I thought Chiropractors were only for people who hurt their back, let alone for children!!! Boy was I wrong. My son is a 3 year 11 month old boy with developmental delays, specially in his speech and gross motor abilities. I've been to a number of different doctors and specialists, who unfortunately have not been able to do much for my son. He does have a speech, occupational, and physical therapist who are wonderful and do the best they can and am grateful for, but little changes in Franky are hardly noticeable. Since day 1, Carisa has showed her enthusiasm and eagerness in trying to help us. Her kindness and interest in my son's well being stole our hearts. I've only been taking my son to her for a month, but already the changes are obvious. He is a happier, stronger, more social boy and I can see that he notices the changes too because he is more confident and independent. He can now climb up steps and go down slides, take a walk on the sand at the beach without holding on to me for dear life, and trying to be more vocal. I truly have faith that Franky will be developmentally at his age level very soon, all thanks to Carisa. Thank you - Veronica"   

-Shelli ~ Cole's Mommy

 "Cole is 3 years old. He stopped taking naps about 1 year ago. He has a hard time settling down. Due to lack of sleep he gets very cranky and has bad behavior by 6 pm every night. I have tried everything to get him to nap or go to sleep. We have a set routine. We wear him out every day. He gets lot of exercise. Nothing worked. After 1 visit with Dr. Carisa he took a nap for 2 hours. She made some changes in his diet and this is also helping. Cole now takes a 2 hour nap just about every day. His behavior has improved 100%. We are all very very happy. "     

-James M.

 "Dear Dr. Steve, I wanted to take a few moments to express my gratitude to you and your office. After injuring my tailbone and disk in January, I was under a doctor's care at Cedar Sinai Medical Center for pain management. After a list of drugs and two month time nothing was working for me and the pain was worse. That is when I came to you. After my third visit I stopped all the pain medication and began feeling better. After a second week of treatment, I could actually say that "All" the pain was done. Your treatment plan was exactly what I needed. All I can say is I am amazed, I feel 20 years younger. Again, thank you for a "job well done". Should anyone every feel unsure about chiropractic treatment, please feel free to show them this story. They will be amazed."  

-Michelle G.

 "For over 5 years I have gone to UCLA to get Botox shots in a nerve on my face to stop the twitching. I had to go every three months and get 5 to 12 shots to "numb" the nerve. In doing this my smile was gone and my face would look wrong in pictures. Once Dr. B. realized I was having Botox shots to control my spasms he suggested letting him "treat" the spasm. I have not gone for my injections due 1/6/08, instead, Dr. B. has treated the spasm and my face is reacting to treatment, so much so, my smile is coming back!"  

-Zandler Chavez

"Dr. Carisa has been treating me for 22 years, since I was a baby.  

She listens to me and helps keep me healthy.  

She is a very Special and Gifted Chiropractor. "


-Brianna L.~Age 24

  "Wow, this is amazing! Migraines run in my family unfortunately. Doctors told me time and time again that it was simply a genetic condition that may or may not disappear with time. Meanwhile, once or twice a month, a vicious migraine would lay me out of commission and oftentimes land me in the hospital. I started seeing Dr. "C" in my quest to get to the bottom of this madness once and for all. Last week, I can in with a horrible splitting migraine - this was my introduction to magnet therapy. No sooner had Dr. C performed an adjustment and placed the magnetized necklace around my neck had my migraine vanished. And I mean POOF! Gone before I got back into my car. Amazing! I'm Sold for life! "  

-Beverly Chavez

"I’ve been a patient of Boshoff-Novak Chiropractic for over 25 years.  I have a physically demanding job and have sustained several injuries during this time.  

Dr. Steve & Dr. Carisa have gotten me well and kept me well time after time.  I wouldn’t be working today if it wasn’t for them. "

Beverly Chavez

-Sarah Trudell

"In my mid 30’s, I was overjoyed being pregnant for a second time and concerned with the birth at the same time. My first child was a very long and painful delivery due to complications from a degenerative hip. So I found myself on Facebook reaching out on a mother’s forum for Ventura County. Overwhelmingly I was recommended to go visit Dr. Novak and then - she reached out to me on the thread. I already was being treated by a different chiropractor so I was hesitant. 

As the pregnancy inched slowly into the second trimester, I was physically having a harder time with my hip and my current solution was not working. I decided to give her a try.      

The small office was a welcome atmosphere.  Makenna behind the desk, has a smile waiting for every person who walks in the door. I did not feel rushed nor like a number in a line. The one-on-one attention was refreshing and the adjustment was the relief I had needed. We designed a treatment plan to carry me through the rest of my pregnancy and she gave me advice which I had never heard before to afford me the physical comfort I desired.      

Six weeks ahead of schedule my water broke sending me to the hospital. I had not kicked into full labor, so the hospital admitted me to watch and wait.  I was not allowed out of my bed except for bathroom visits. After a week, my body and my baby decided it was time and labor began. 

Being born so early, my son went straight to the NICU for observation.   After a week there and I could not wait to get home!   A few days home from the NICU, we went to see Dr. Novak as a family. My husband, and now two children, all came.   

One by one, she adjusted us.   My then rough and tumble 2 year old was smitten and thoroughly entertained with the toys while waiting his turn. My then two week old baby was adjusted as well. During his time in the NICU, he was holding his head one direction from being in a bassinet along the wall.   From that point, the whole family was in love. Which is a good thing for two very active and adventurous kids.  

Between playing, growing, and the occasional illness, the boys have looked forward to their regular adjustments over the past three years to keep them growing healthy with their body in full communication with itself.      

The attention, listening, and heart Dr. Novak has for all of her patients leaves them knowing someone really does have their back! (And neck, and hips, and shoulders, and arms, and legs/feet, and ears, all of which we have at one point or another had adjusted).  I have even recently started receiving nutritional counseling at the office and am excited with the results thus far! "


   “I’ve had the great opportunity to be under the care of Dr. Carisa Boshoff & Dr. Stephanus Boshoff for over 10 years! They were both amazing with treating my post-miscarriages and adrenal fatigue with their expertise and attention to detail. Over the course of one year, together, we were able to turn around a diagnosis from a medical doctor, and I went on to conceive naturally and carrying the baby healthy to full term with a successful all natural VBAC! I now regularly see Dr. Carisa and bring with either one or both of my boys! I’m forever grateful for their individual care to each of their patients no matter the age or issue”